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شرکت بازرگانی طلوع اندیشه درمان با هدف تولید اقلام بهداشتی از سال ۱۳۸۹ شمسی ، فعالیت خود را در زمینه واردات اقلام بهداشتی آغاز کرده و موسسین شرکت برای فعالیت های برون مرزی در سال ۱۳۹۱ در اقلیم کردستان عراق ( اربیل ) شرکت دیگری به نام  الطلوع  به ثبت رساند.

همچنین به منظور تولید کالای بهداشتی با برنده Herofarma در منطقه آزاد ماکو در حال تجهیز کارخانه بوده و در حال حاضر نماینده انحصاری محصولات کارخانه Dental-Kosmetik  آلمان که شامل خمیردندان و دهانشویه با برند های Silca و خمیردندان el-ce med  و نماینده کارخانه  Buerstenmann  آلمان که شامل انواع مسواک با برنده PURODENT در ایران بوده و در حال مذاکره و جذب سرمایه‌گذاری خارجی جهت تولید مشترک در ایران می باشد.

DENTAL-Kosmetik GmbH & Co. KG, a future-orientated company with long tradition, was founded in 1907. The long-established brand Chlorodont made the Dresden toothpaste world famous

As a company with its own research & development department, we aspire to be the best in the development, manufacturing and sales of innovative products for dental care and oral hygiene. State-of-the-art production facilities, technically advanced laboratories and an in-house data network with integrated enterprise resource planning ensure efficient work processes and reliable quality

PURODENT toothbrush
Bürstenmann first put in an appearance in 1906 as a department within the ‘Schönheider Konsumverein’ (cooperative). In 1919, production was taken over by the ‘Großeinkaufsgesellschaft Deutscher Consumvereine m.b.H’. They in turn founded the Bürstenmann company in 1925 with headquarters in Stützengrün, a location to which we still remain committed today

Toloo Andisheh Darman Trading Company (privately held company), with the registration number 11704, since 2010, intending to produce health products in Iran, started its activities in importing health products. For overseas activities, the founders of the company also registered a company called Al- Toloo in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (Erbil) in 2012. In addition, in order to produce a health care product under the brand name Herofarma , the company has been equipping a factory in Maku Free-trade zone. The company is currently the exclusive agency of the German Dental-Kosmetik products, which includes toothpaste and mouthwash with Silca brands and el-ce med toothpaste. The company is also the Representative of Buerstenmann Germany factory, which includes a variety of PURODENT toothbrushes in Iran. The company is negotiating and attracting foreign investment for joint production in Iran

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